Top-Down Library for Xbase++ 
The Faster, Easier Way to GUI Application Development

Now in use in 65 Countries!

Version 7.1 Available Now!
With IDE/ Form Designer!
Click Here for Form Designer Page

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X-MEMO  A memo Field Replacement      Click here for details
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Information on Top-Down Library

   Description of Top-Down Library features, price, and availability.
   Version 7.1
available now - includes Form Designer and Developer's
   Guide with Tutorial.  The User Guide and Tutorial are  completely
   indexed and hypertext linked, with browse sequences for  each
   chapter.  This makes it a quick functions reference as well as an
   efficient study guide.

Comments from
Top-Down Users

     Excerpts from correspondence with Top-Down users

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     Download the Top-Down Demo and Runtime Files

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    Where and how to place an order for Top-Down Library
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