Image and Print Tracking Software
for Fine Art Photographers


A complete repository
 of information about your work

An invaluable tool
to keep the business side of things
smooth and efficient

"I-Trak is an essential part of my fine art photography business, letting me spend more time on photography instead of the studio paperwork."
   - Ken Smith

Before I-Trak, I struggled with various programs to come up with an appropriate consignment document for the galleries I deal with.  I-Trak has been a life-saver, I've never been so organized!
   - Steve Karafyllakis

About the Demo Version: The program is fully featured, but is limited by the number of records that can be entered.  It comes with a small sample data set so you can immediately see how it works and what the reports look like.  You can enter your own data up to the limit, and the sample data can be deleted to make more room. 


Keep Track Of All Your Prints

  • Direct Sales
  • Consignments to galleries, dealers, retail outlets
  • Leased art work

Fast, Easy Reports With Print Preview 

  • Consignment Report 
  • Portfolio Report 
  • Print List Report 
  • Sales Report 
  • Print Lease Report 
  • Lease Transactions Report 
  • Box Report 
  • Image Income Report 

Gallery Owners Love It

Provide an inventory list of every print consigned to a gallery
or other outlet, including thumbnail image, price,  commission
and more.  Gallery owners love this - it reduces paper work,
saves time, and helps them give faster service.

Complete Financial Records

Sales and lease records to help with preparing taxes or
spotting sales trends for marketing decisions.  Know where
every print went, how much money was earned, how much
was paid in commissions, how much was earned from leasing.

Historic Information

A central location for information about images and prints
that can become lost over time, such as  field or processing
notes that are often scattered about in various notebooks, lists
or scraps of paper.  Invaluable for historical purposes such as 
books, publicity, or retrospective projects .

Free-Form Memos

All records have a memo for entering free-form data of any
sort. For images, it's a great place for for field notes and
processing information. For prints, it can contain any detailed
information, such as special conditions of a sale or how the
print was made or treated.

Excellent Documentation

Illustrated Help File with over 25 pages. 


Technical Requirements

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
8.5MB of hard drive space, plus data

Mac Users: I am not able to provide a Mac version, but have been advised by Mac users that software called Parallels can be used to run Windows applications on Intel-powered Macs.

Hosting the Application: This application runs as a stand-alone .exe in the Windows OS.

Website Hosting: I am often asked about photography website hosting. I am not a web expert, but the benefits to proper server-side image caching are better explained here.

Technical Support: For technical support, please contact me.


          About The Author
Clayton Jones is a fine art photographer by
avocation and a professional database
programmer by trade.  In I-Trak he brings
together the knowledge and experience of
both fields to create an exceptional program
designed especially for Fine Art photographers
who need to keep detailed track of their
images and prints.


Spring Rain
Canyonlands National Park
March, 2007


Spring Rain, Canyonlands

Copyright © 2001-2008 Clayton Jones
All rights Reserved

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