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Image and print Tracking Software
 for Photographers

A Series Of Articles
Fine Art Black and White Digital Printing

Fine art black and white digital printing is gaining in popularity and acceptance and is easier than ever. 

These articles provide an overview of what it is, why it can be difficult, easy ways to get started, and related issues.

Fine Art Black and White Digital Printing
  Gives an overview of the current state of the art and
  why so many photographers are switching. 
Revised March 22, 2008
# 2
Technical Issues
  Outlines current technical issues of black and white
  digital printing.  Includes sections on Epson's K3 printers
  and the latest paper issues.  Revised March 22, 2008
# 3a
Digital Tri-X
An Alternative Approach
  Describes the Black Only (BO) printing technique, a
  unique approach with many advantages, with tips for
  getting started.  
Revised September 18, 2005
# 3b
Black Only Printing with
Photoshop and Epson
2200 and R200 Printers
 Specific tips on Photoshop settings for BO printing
 with the Epson 2200 and R200 printers.
 Revised September 18, 2005
2kBO, a 2-channel
Eboni Black Only approach
for smooth pure carbon
printing for the R200/220
A 2-channel Black Only technique using QTR for the Epson R200/220 printers.  This approach greatly reduces the graininess and dither banding associated with the tradition single channel BO technique. 
September 2, 2007
# 4
Using Color Settings
and Workspace Profiles
 for Grayscale Printing
  Detailed explanation of  how the Color Settings and image
  profiles work together to affect what you see on screen 
  and what you get in the print.  Revised December7, 2005
# 5
Optimizing Color Output
 with a Calibration Device
  A guide to purchasing, installing and setting up a
 hardware calibartion device to ensure consistent color
 from camera to monitor to final print production.
 A top Minneapolis wedding photographer shares
 his pro-tips here Revised April 20, 2009
# 6
The Great Paper Chase
  A review of matte papers used for Black and White
  Digital Printing in two parts, for Eboni-based MIS inks
  and for Epson K3 inks.    Revised January 1, 2010 .
# 7
A New Era In Photography
The Carbon Ink Print
And A Link To The Past
  A brief historical survey of the arrival of digital
  photography and the acceptance of carbon ink printing
  as a new art medium.  Revised February 6, 2006
# 8
Frequently Asked Questions and Other Good Things
To Know
 A variety of short items on frequent questions, converting
 color to black and white, RGB values, PhotoShop Tips
 and other computer esoterica related to Black and White
 Digital printing.    Revised September 25, 2005
# 9
 It Doesn't Have
To Be Complicated
A case for not using Profiling, Color Management,
  Densitometers and such.
  Revised June 7, 2006   

# 10
Fine Art
Black and White
with the Epson 2400

 A sensible and easy approach to gallery quality Fine Art
 Black and White prints without profiling, Color 
 Management, densitometers and other technical  wizardry.  Revised March 22, 2008     

Using Silver Rag Paper
with the Epson 2400,
Workflow and Evaluation

 How to adapt the easy 2400 workflow to Silver Rag
 paper, includes an in-depth evaluation of the paper.
 July 4, 2006


A Variable Tone Ink Set
for the Epson R200/220
Using MIS UT-R2 Inks

A select combination of the R2-Neutral and R2-Warm
 grayscale inks can be used to create a variable tone ink
 set controlled with  the Epson driver - no RIP or curves. And here's another article.
 required.  June 4, 2006  


Creating B&W Photos
for Nonprofits
Using Various R2 Inks

A guide on choosing various R2 inks in order to create stunning photos for nonprofits in order to display them on their websites without color to create a more dramatic and artistic effect. June 16, 2009  


Using Variable Tone Inks to Produce HQ Digital Photos for the Web

A quick guide on how to effectively use variable tone inks to produce incredibly high quality photos for the web that load and display properly on different types of websitesJuly 23 2010  


Interview With Nicholas Hartmann

A very interesting interview of Nicholas Hartmann by Mike Johnston on the subject of his "single black" technique of black and white digital printing.  Touches on his background growing up in a household with famous Magnum photographers around, and the evolution of his shooting and printing techniques, from darkroom through finding a digital method that fits his style of working.

The discussion touches on his scanning and shooting techniques, using Photoshop, aesthetics of digital vs silver prints, print size, inks and papers, and other related subjects.  Very worthwhile reading.

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Nicholas Hartmann's web site - be sure to see his photo gallery:




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