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What is Old-Time Music? - It means different things to different people, here's an overview.

The Kyle Creed Fuming Bronze Banjo - The story of Kyle Creed's personal banjo used on his earliest recordings.  How it came into my possession and how it found its way home 43 years later.  Includes detailed photographs.

Link: The Kyle Creed Web Site - This nice web site is dedicated to the history of Kyle Creed, his music and his banjos.  It contains many photos and a brief biography, giving a nice glimpse into the life of this wonderful and influential old-time musician.

Clayton's Music History - Brief biographical information.

Are Clawhammer and Frailing the Same Thing? - No, yes, maybe, sometimes.

The Atomic Steam Ratchet String Band - Who they were and how they got the name.



A  CD of Old-Time Music
Clayton Jones and Angelee Krieger

Read a review of this CD at The Banjo Hangout web site

A broad selection of 15 Old-Time songs and tunes, including toe-tapping
southern Appalachian dance tunes, intricate melodic clawhammer pieces,
some fine and seldom heard reels with roots in the Celtic tradition,
 a superb northeastern tune learned from a master fiddler in Maine, 
 nonsense songs, and one of the  old 14th century Child ballads.


Clayton plays banjo  and Angelee plays guitar on everything except
Pigeon on the Gatepost and Rudy's Reel.  On those tunes
Angelee plays mandolin and Clayton plays guitar.



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